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About Us

about us

Khun Oui
  • Artistic Touch 85%
  • Boss & Dog Lover 75%
  • Wife and Mum 100%

Khun Oui

Creative Director

Khun Oui’s creative flair and artistic touch can be seen throughout the house. The cute small paintings are hers 🙂

Daddy Long Legs
  • Project Master 90%
  • Jack of all Trades 80%
  • Hubby & Dad 100%

Daddy Long Legs

Team Leader - AKA Big Daddy

A man of many names, respected and revered by many, we like to call him our Big Daddy. Through is vision and dedication we have our White Wood House. We hope you enjoy Hua Hin as much as we do!

  • high kick 50%
  • ball twister 100%
  • flying elbow 75%


Thai Ninja

In true Ninja style, Wen silently and skillfully works her magic. Arranging all a guest can request with poise, grace and talent of the elusive and some may say invisible Thai Ninja.